What You See Is Not Always What You Get…

Remember the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? The witch made the apple extremely appealing to Snow White…. but in reality…. it was POISON!!!

There are toxic chemicals in so many of our household products; from the laundry room to the bathroom — clear into the kitchen. “Today many homes use plug-ins, diffusers, air fresheners, assorted scented items, and most are bad.”

I don’t blame anyone who purchases these products because they probably have no idea what the ingredients actually are. Companies are allowed to hide many chemicals in their descriptions behind the word, “fragrance”. Fragrance is considered a trade secret, companies don’t have to list the often dozens or even hundreds of synthetic chemical compounds it contains. Read Article Here on Fragrance Disclosure.

Are you concerned about what you are breathing inside your home? In this day and age homes are heavily insulated making it difficult for fresh air to enter. Your home could be much more toxic on the inside then it is on the outside. I suggest you do some sleuthing within your home to see what is lurking in some of your products. Just pick five items, sit down and take a look. Check the ingredients and search online.

Try to avoid all plug-ins, candles, air fresheners and reed diffusers for health reasons. Check the MSDS (Material Safety and Data Sheets) on any of these products. This information should be available for all products. Recently I have noticed some MSDS sheets using the word “fragrance” instead of listing each ingredient. Remember fragrance is a trade secret!!!! It will be eye-opening. Here is one sample (no company named) below for one of the most popular plug-ins on the market.

So many folks have allergies, asthma, migraines and breathing problems. Perhaps if your home were cleared out it just might help you have much, much better indoor air. There is hope because we now have so many better choices than ever before.

Summer is here, which is a welcomed pleasure, and we can open the windows once again. When it’s hot out we all need the air conditioning. If you needed something scented consider few apples and some cinnamon sticks in a boiling pot of water (or crock pot) OR how about clove studded oranges? Arrange the oranges on a table in a lovely bowl and you will love the aroma in your home – it’s a heavenly scent.

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